National Journal of Research in Community Medicine
ISSN: 2277-1522 (Print); 2277-3517 (Online)

Official Publication of the Community Medicine Faculties Association(COMFA)

New:Vol.8 Issue 1 Jan-Mar.19 online- Current Issue section

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National Journal of Research in Community Medicine(NJRCM) is an official publication of Community Medicine Faculties Association (Registered Under The Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975, Reg No: 44/2012).Joining as a member in Community Medicine Faculties Association(COMFA) provides an opportunity to publish articles in NJRCM and involve in other professional activities of COMFA. Filled Membership form to be sent to

NJRCM:The journal publishes original research articles, invited annotations and comments, invited papers on recent advances, editorial correspondence and book reviews in the field of Community Medicine.NJRCM has been assigned with International Standard Serial Number (ISSN :2277-1522(Print); 2277-3517(Online)) and

Aim of NJRCM:Create an opportunity to researchers in the field of Community Medicine through simple and powerful platform for quality review, publication and free access.

Scope of NJRCM: NJRCM covers broad areas of community medicine, public health & social sciences research, health management & administration, epidemiology, biostatistics, medical education and related fields.

NJRCM is indexed/abstracted in several esteemed national and international database(Indexcopernicus,Crossref,,Indmedica, Indian Citation Index etc).

All statements, results and opinions expressed in the articles published in NJRCM are those of author(s) and not the editor (s) or publishers. The editor (s) and publishers disclaim any responsibility for such material.

NJRCM is an Open Access journal and articles published are distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial License (CC BY-NC). Readers may copy, distribute, and display the work for non-commercial purposes with the proper citation of the original work. NJRCM is also copyright under the Berne Convention and the International Copyright Convention.

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